The Sustainability Element explains the City’s commitment to sustainability through goals, policies, and actions that support the General Plan’s Strategy of Sustainability. Sustainability in Chico means maintaining a culture of stewardship to enhance our natural environment, economic interests, and quality of life for present and future generations. Chico is well poised to be a leader as a sustainable community. Members of the community actively support a healthy environment, participate in local government, and work to strengthen the local economy. Existing infrastructure fosters walking and bicycling, and there are organizations actively promoting social equity. Chico is performing well on its journey towards sustainability, but there is more to do in order to meet the City’s vision of being “The Green City of the North State.

The General Plan’s guiding strategy is to create and sustain a community that is environmentally responsible, economically robust, and socially equitable. Policies and actions in every element of the General Plan support this overarching theme. The Sustainability Element addresses aspects of sustainability that are not covered in other elements and describes how the City defines and incorporates sustainability at the local level.

Examples of sustainability

Above: Examples of sustainability.