City of Chico General Plan & Municipal Code

The City of Chico’s General Plan 2030 has waste-related Goal, Policies & Actions:

  • GOAL SUS-3: Lead the way to a sustainable Chico by reducing the environmental impacts of City operations
  • Policy SUS-3.3: Reduce consumption and increase recycling and reuse of materials in City operations
  • Action SUS-3.3.1: Promote the use of recycling bins at municipal facilities, public parks and recreational spaces, and as necessary, increase the size, durability, and number of recycling bins as well as the range of materials accepted
  • Action SUS-3.3.2: Explore opportunities to reduce consumption and increase reuse of materials, vehicles and equipment in City operations

Plastic Bag Ban

The City of Chico Municipal Code 8.36.030 defines the City of Chico’s single use plastic bag ban.

Waste Franchise Agreement

North Valley Waste Management was issued a Franchise to provide Residential solid waste and recycling services within the Chico City limits. Within the franchise agreement, Waste Management is required to implement Recyclable Materials and Organic Waste diversion from the landfill of 32% by January 2021, and 35% by 2024. Waste Management will also develop a specific annual Waste Diversion and Sustainability Work Plan, which includes steps to increase diversion and outreach for waste reduction. Waste Management is contracted to provide resources to support waste diversion and sustainability programs.

Franchises for Commercial solid waste and recycling services were also issued to both Recology Butte Colusa Counties and Waste Management. Click here for Recology Butte Colusa Counties Commercial Waste Franchise Agreement and click here for the Waste Management Commercial Waste Franchise Agreement.

California waste mandates

SB 1383 establishes targets to achieve a 75% diversion of organic waste in landfills. It also requires that jurisdictions conduct education and outreach on organics recycling to all residents, businesses, haulers, solid waste facilities, and all other food recovery organizations by January 2022.