City of Chico General Plan

Below are the City of Chico’s General Plan 2030 Adaptation & Resiliency-related Goal, Policies & Actions:

  • Goal S-9: Protect the community from risks posed by climate change
  • Policy S-9.1: Promote public safety through development of climate adaptation and resiliency strategies to reduce risks associated with climate change
  • Action S-9.1.1: Update the Safety Element or the City’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan to include climate adaptation and resiliency strategies consistent with Senate Bill 379, including preparation of:
    1. a vulnerability assessment that identifies community risks associated with climate change;
    2. a set of adaptation and resilience goals, policies, and objectives for the protection of the community; and 3) implementation measures to avoid or minimize climate change impacts.
  • Goal SUS-4: Promote green development
  • Policy SUS-4.2: Promote drought tolerant landscaping