City of Chico General Plan

The City of Chico General Plan includes a Circulation Element, focused on a multimodal circulation system for economic vitality, a good quality of life, reduced greenhouse gasses and sustainable transportation. Below is a list of some of the goals, policies and actions listed in the Circulation Element that relate to sustainability and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Goal CIRC-1: Provide comprehensive multimodal circulation system that serves the build out of the Land Use Diagram and provides for the safe and effective movement of people and goods
  • Policy CIRC-1.3: Collect fair share cost of circulation improvements necessary to address cumulative transportation impacts, including those to state highways, local roadways and transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities through the City's development impact fee program
  • Policy CIRC-1.8: Continue to participate in BCAG efforts to coordinate regional transportation planning with other jurisdictions, and continue to consult with Caltrans on transportation planning, operations, and funding to develop the City’s circulation system.
  • Goal CIRC-2: Enhance and maintain mobility with a complete streets network for all modes of travel.
  • Policy CIRC-2.1: Develop an integrated, multimodal circulation system that accommodates transit, bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles; provides opportunities to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; and reinforces the role of the street as a public space that unites the City.
  • Action CIRC-2.1.2: Retrofit and upgrade existing streets, as funding allows, to include complete street amenities where appropriate, prioritizing improvements in locations that will improve the overall connectivity of the City's network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities or result in increased safety
  • Goal CIRC-3: Expand and maintain a comprehensive, safe, and integrated bike system throughout the City that encourages biking
  • Policy CIRC-3.4: Improve safety conditions, efficiency, and comfort for bicyclists through traffic engineering, maintenance and law enforcement
  • Action CIRC-3.4.3: Consult with Chico Unified School District, CSU, Chico, and Butte County regarding development of an educational campaign promoting bicycle safety and Safe Routes to School program
  • Goal CIRC-4: Design a safe, convenient and integrated pedestrian system that promotes walking
  • Goal CIRC-5: Support a comprehensive and integrated transit system as an essential component of a multimodal circulation system
  • Goal CIRC-9: Reduce the use of single-occupant motor vehicles
  • Policy CIRC-9.1: Strive to reduce single occupant vehicle trips through the use of travel demand management strategies.
  • Action CIRC-9.1.2: Encourage employers to provide transit subsidies, bike facilities, alternative work schedules, ridesharing, telecommuting, and work at home programs, and preferential parking for carpools

Municipal Code 19.70.010 requires parking for new development. Bicycle parking requirement: for multi-family residential uses, bicycle parking equal to 20% of the number of off-street automobile parking spaces is required. For commercial or industrial development bicycle parking is equal to 10% of the number of off-street automobile parking spaces is required.