City of Chico General Plan

  • Below are the City of Chico’s General Plan 2030 Urban Forest-related Goal, Policies & Actions:
  • Goal OS-6: Provide a healthy and robust urban forest
  • Policy OS-6.1: Ensure the continued protection and management of the urban forest to reduce energy demand, increase carbon sequestration, and reduce urban heat gain
  • Action OS-6.1.1: Maintain and expand the urban forest by:
    • Maintaining existing City trees through regular, scheduled service.
    • Planting new trees to replace those that require removal and to enhance the street tree canopy, where needed.
    • Requiring street and parking lot tree planting in new development.
    • Working with commercial parking lot owners to improve the shade canopy.
    • Implementing the Municipal Code’s tree protection regulations.
    • Using volunteer groups and property owners to plant new trees, care for newly planted trees, maintain young trees, and provide information and instructions regarding such care and maintenance.
  • Action OS-6.1.2: Where feasible, require new underground utilities that are in close proximity to trees to be designed and installed to minimize impacts to trees through consultation with the Urban Forester.