PG&E Streetlight Update

New LED streetlights provide whiter, more uniform lighting that will help keep streets safer.

In 2016, the Public Works Operations and Maintenance staff partnered with PG&E to use PG&E’s LED Street Light Turn-Key Replacement Program to replace the remaining 3,873 of the 4,689 City-owned streetlights with the latest LED technology. PG&E also committed to replacing all remaining 2,267 PG&E owned streetlights. This project was projected to save 1,586,946 kWh of energy use each year, which results in 831,560 pounds of carbon removed from the environment.

Click here for the PG&E Streetlight Update staff report.

PG&E Building Lighting Retrofit

In 2015, the Public Works Operation and Maintenance initiated a LED lighting retrofit project to retrofit interior and exterior lighting fixtures to LED in all City owned buildings. This was estimated to save 519,725.75 kWh of energy.

Click here for the PG&E Lighting Retrofit staff report.

Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance

In 1991 and then amended in 2010, the City of Chico enacted a Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance (RECO), commonly referred to as the “Retrofit Program”, requiring property owners (sellers) to provide certain energy and water conservation measures upon the resale of residential properties.

Click here for more information on the Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance.

Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation is a model that allows cities and counties to aggregate the electricity buying power (electrical load) of residential, commercial, and municipal customers within a jurisdiction to purchase power and meet their electricity needs. CCAs purchase power on the wholesale energy market and enter into generation contracts offering a choice for local users. This alternative can result in competitive rates, offer economic development tools, deliver local energy projects, have a more renewable portfolio, and provide long term economic and environmental benefits for the region served while continuing to utilize existing Investor Owned Utility for distribution and billing.

Click here for the City of Chico’s ordinance on authorizing the Community Choice Aggregation with Butte County, called Butte Choice Energy. Click here for the resolution approving the Joint Powers Authority agreement establishing Butte Choice Energy Authority.

PG&E Sustainability Turn Key Energy Audit Program

In FY17-18, staff partnered with PG&E in a large-scale internal energy assessments of City facilities and operations. Staff are continuing the partnership with PG&E to commence investment grade audits that will complete 30% design of large energy reduction projects. Through the preliminary energy assessment phase, a handful of energy reduction projects have been identified as preliminary projects. These initial ten projects could offset our existing energy cost between 40% – 50% once completed. On November 5th, 2019 council authorized staff to contract with PG&E and initiate the Investment Grade Audit (IGA) phase three. Click here for the City Council staff report on the PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey Program.