Chico 2019 Bike Plan Update

In the 2019 Bike Plan Update, it details bike routes developing into a complete bikeway network, transitioning bike routes to bike boulevard designations, and adding a Class IV facility to the Esplanade.

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Completion of Bikeway 99 Phase 4 and Phase 5 [MM1]

Bikeway 99 downloadable map.

The City is constructing an approximately 6.7-mile long contiguous bicycle facilities project generally paralleling the State Route 99 corridor. The ultimate bikeway alignment is comprised of a combination of Class I and Class II/III facilities commencing at Eaton Road to the north and traversing south to Southgate Avenue. The bikeway will be located on surface streets, drainage easements, and City parkland and will complete gaps between existing bicycle paths, lanes, and routes currently located primarily on the east-side of the State Route 99 right-of-way.

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Comanche Creek Greenway Project Phase 2

The City of Chico is constructing a Class 1 bikeway gap closure on an abandoned railroad grade, connecting the regional Chico-Durham bike path at the Midway to the recently completed Phase 1 pedestrian/bike bridge over Comanche Creek.

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