There are many ways that you can reduce your own and your communities Ecological Footprint. Here are just a few to start:

Drive a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle. This will save money on gas while lowering your footprint significantly.

Drive Less. Use public transportation, ride your bike, walk, or ride with a friend.

Be Energy and Water Efficient. Turn off lights, computers, and heaters when not in use; install low flush toilets and low flow fixtures; and plant native plants and use drip irrigation in your yard/garden.

Build Green. When building or remodeling, use sustainable materials and practices. Visit here to learn how.

Shop at a Farmer's Market. Buying locally reduces the energy required to transport your food and it helps support local farmers.

Reduce. Avoid purchasing disposable items and products with lots of packaging.

Reuse. One person's trash is another's treasure. Share your treasures and find some of your own. Check out thrift stores, salvage yards and garage sales.

Recycle. An easy one for reducing your footprint. It takes a lot of space to dump trash.

Go Solar! Visit here to learn more.

Stop the Junk Mail and Save a Tree. Remove yourself from junk mail lists by visiting here.

Be An Aware Customer – Learn about and purchase sustainable products.

Support Local Businesses. Support your friends, neighbors, and community for a robust and healthy economy.