The City of Chico Sustainability Task Force, North Valley Energy Watch, Chico Chamber of Commerce, and Chico News & Review are pleased to present Chico's Million Watt Challenge!

What is it?

The organizations above are challenging ourselves as a community to save one million watts (or more) in 2017. We've already come a long way with LED streetlight retrofits and household appliance replacements. Now it's time to build on this momentum, improve our community, and have fun in the process!

How does it work?

We are inviting everyone to show the rest of the community what steps you're taking to reduce energy use, through our watt submission form (see Enter Your Watts). Keep an eye out for social media contests, as well as booths at the CCFM (Chico Certified Farmers Market) Saturday Market and the Downtown Chico Business Association's Thursday Night Market, and much more!

Although we can't perfectly quantify energy saved by every action taken, we know we'll succeed in creating a more resilient and aware community.

Thanks to Our Partners


Below are community sponsors who have donated significant time or raffle prizes to make the Million Watt Challenge a success.