What is it?

The Million Watt Challenge is a community effort to save energy. We're challenging our neighbors, friends, family, and ourselves to take action to reduce energy consumption. The aim is to replace one million watts of inefficient technology with LED lighting and other devices like appliances and smart thermostats..

Chico's Million Watt Challenge focuses on actions that anyone can take in their home or business: installing LED lighting!

Why Switch & Save?

"Switch & Save" refers to the action of swapping out an old and inefficient appliance or light bulb and the resulting money and energy you'll save by doing so.

What's the significance?

Sometimes it's hard to see the benefit of taking small actions like buying an LED light bulb instead of an incandescent, but saving energy benefits everybody! Using less power means a lower electric bill, less greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air, and less reliance on foreign oil.