Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment provides both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of how climate change may impact populations, structures, and function in the City of Chico through 2100. The findings will be used to develop strategies to address the threats, which will be included in Chico’s long-range planning documents. Read more.

Community-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
2005 - 2012

The draft copy of this report is available for download.

Sustainability Indicators Report

Speaking of reports, the 2016 Sustainability Indicators Report is also available for download.

B-Line Tracker

Now you can track your B-Line bus arrival time with a simple text. Whether you're at home or in that busy line at the coffee shop, simply text your bus stop I.D. code to 27299 and the bus arrival information will be sent right to your phone. Click here and follow the 3 easy steps to find your bus and enjoy your ride.

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